Tuesday, September 4, 2007

School is so fun

I LOVE SCHOOL THIS YEAR! My teacher is really good and we do book reports a lot and there are cute girls. I also play Wall Ball every day because get this - our school has a wall built just for Wall Ball. For realz. My teacher is Mrs. Hafer and she is really nice. I like 5th grade and we are learning about world explorers right now.

My mom cut my hair and I was mad but then once it was done I remembered that girls like it when Im a hottie.

Oh and there is this thing called VMK which stands for Virtual Magic Kingdom. You can walk around a virtual disneyland and the space mountain is sweet and they have all the rides and you also can eat at the blue bayou! You should all try it! It's free!


PS, thanks to my mom for fixing my spelling and for posting the links.


ashleyO said...

hahahaha oh the days of 5th grade. I remember the boy that liked me back then....SOOO CUTE! Mr. Badger was perhaps the coolest teacher/person ever. He got me hooked on the Eagles and Jolly Ranchers. Plus, who else can claim that their teacher has been on Jenny Jones!? OH JUST ME? That's right! Didn't Ryan have him too?

anyway...i miss him. I'm glad you like school Jonah! Work hard. Studies ALWAYS come before girls...as does everything in life at this moment!

Alli Fantastico said...

Yes, Jonah. Listen to Aunt Ash...studies before girls. Mission before girls. 30th birthday before girls...I'm kidding.

oh and Ashley, um...Mr. Badger...wtf? Jenny Jones? How come I don't know this story. How ghetto fabulous!

Jonah said...

your right Ash, i know!!!!!!!!!!!! hee hee

Lyd said...

Yeah, Ry had the best 5th grade teacher ever! I need to hear that story. I may have heard it, but I'm not sure.

And how fun. 5th Grade was fun times. Good ol' Tobler had two walls for Wall Ball and how fun it was.

I'm gunna go do that Virtual Disney right now!

ashleyO said...
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ashleyO said...

Yeah Mr. Badger was on because he was telling his girlfriend that he had been cheating on her but little did he know that she was cheating on him with his twin brother....crazy huh???

JK! He was actually on because it was a special about twins and he has a twin brother. I remember when we got to watch it in class. Plus, no one knows this but I had an illegal crush on him! Still do. Weird, huh?