Wednesday, September 5, 2007

a quick update

Today my day was good. I played a game called tennis baseball you get a tennis racket and a tennis ball and the rest is baseball!

ok thats it for today bye =D =1


Alli Fantastico said...

As long as it doesn't come flying through my window then its cool!

ashleyO said...

hahaha nice alli!!!

Yeah i love games like that! where you mix it up. Soo much fun. Kinda like disc golf! Yay!

Lyd said...

That game was the best!!! I remember good ol' Mr. Hinton would let us play that game. And if we got the ball to hit the blacktop, we would get a pop/soda. I almost made it, it was within about a foot!

-KJ said...

Oh dang, Mr. Hinton. Lets all make his hands right now...GO! Ewww, gross. So sad.

Hey Jonah, maybe next week you'll play frolf!

shauna said...

Hi, Jonah...I love you!!!